Character Design

My expertise extends to crafting character concepts tailored for various applications, from business literature and corporate branding to website design and book illustrations. Whether you’re seeking a distinctive character to represent your brand or prefer to base it on a familiar figure, I offer versatile solutions rooted in my cartooning and illustration prowess.


From injecting personality into corporate identities to adding whimsy to web interfaces, I excel in breathing life into characters that resonate with audiences. Whether you envision a whimsical mascot or a more serious persona, I can bring your vision to life creatively and precisely. Let’s collaborate to create a character that uniquely embodies your brand’s essence and captivates your audience across various platforms and mediums.

What are Character concepts?

Character concepts are versatile visual representations tailored to suit various needs and scenarios. Whether you’re seeking a single character or an ensemble cast, this service allows you to explore different appearances, personalities, and contexts before finalising your design. You can ensure that the characters align seamlessly with your brand’s identity and messaging by experimenting with various iterations.


This process allows you to assess whether the characters resonate with your target audience and effectively convey your brand’s values and message. By avoiding investing in finished graphics and marketing materials upfront, you can fine-tune and refine your character concepts until they perfectly align with your vision.


In essence, character concepts are cost-effective and efficient ways to explore creative possibilities and ensure that your visual assets effectively represent your brand across various mediums and situations.

Whatever your creative requirements, let Whatever be the solution