When I use the term “cartoon,” I’m referring to a humorous visual piece that elicits a smile or delivers a joke, known as a gag cartoon. This differs from an illustration crafted to elucidate a point or convey a specific topic.


My cartooning portfolio boasts a diverse range of subjects, including football, picture framing, valves, computer services, sheet metal engineering, business finance, and recycling. I take pride in injecting humour into any subject matter, ensuring each cartoon resonates with its audience.

Single Gag Cartoon

This format condenses the setup and punchline into a single drawing, making it ideal for situations where space is limited or where a quick joke is preferred. I can design these cartoons in full colour, line art, or monochrome tones.

Strip Cartoon

A strip cartoon typically comprises three or four panels to tell a joke, allowing for a more elaborate setup and punchline delivery. Examples include popular strips like Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, and Garfield. These can also be designed in full colour, line art, or monochrome tones.

Full Page Cartoon

With no restrictions on panel count, a full-page cartoon offers ample space to incorporate multiple jokes or build up a joke with suspense, red herrings, and dead ends. This format provides room for creativity and complexity. Like others, full-page cartoons can be designed in full colour, line art, or monochrome tones.

Business Cartoons

Business Cartoons offer a dynamic and engaging way to showcase your brand and convey your message effectively. Rather than relying solely on text, harnessing the power of visual storytelling through cartoons can leave a lasting impact on your audience.


Most of my cartooning work has been tailored specifically for business applications, from character logos and promotional literature to presentations and training materials. Whether you opt for black and white or vibrant full-colour illustrations, my cartoons seamlessly integrate into any commercial project, ensuring a polished and professional appearance that sets your business apart.


Characters play a pivotal role in brand identity, and I specialise in creating captivating characters that can serve as mascots or guides throughout your branding materials. From logos to website illustrations, these characters infuse personality and charm into your brand’s identity.


Incorporating cartoons and illustrations into presentations, literature, or advertising materials injects a dose of creativity and humour, making your content more engaging and memorable. Whether you’re aiming to lighten up a text-heavy document or add a playful touch to a serious product, cartoons offer a versatile solution. You can tailor the style to suit your brand’s aesthetic with options ranging from full-colour illustrations to line art or monochrome tones.


Promotional cartoons are potent tools for boosting your company’s visibility and reinforcing your message. Whether featured in literature, advertisements, or presentation displays, cartoons have the potential to transform ordinary content into something remarkable. With my expertise, your promotional materials can stand out and leave a lasting impression on your target audience, ensuring your company or ideology remains memorable in their minds.

Web Cartoons

Web cartoons offer a dynamic and versatile medium for online communication, combining traditional cartoons’ visual appeal with animation’s added dimension. Unlike print cartoons, web cartoons can be animated slightly, adding an extra layer of engagement for viewers. One of the key advantages of web cartoons is their flexibility – they can be used repeatedly without incurring publishing costs. They can vary in size and complexity according to your needs.


When designing cartoons for the web, I create them in formats like .jpg or .gif and optimise them to reduce file size. This ensures they load quickly on web pages and consume minimal bandwidth.


These web cartoons can serve a variety of purposes:


Character Concepts:
Characters can become integral to your brand identity, appearing in logos or branding materials.

Cartoons/Illustrations for Presentations:
Engaging visuals can enhance presentations, making complex concepts more accessible and memorable.

Promotional Cartoons:
Whether in literature, advertisements, or presentation displays, cartoons can effectively promote your products or services in a memorable way.

A cartoon character or image can be incorporated into your logo, adding personality and charm to your brand identity.

Custom icons can serve as buttons or call-to-action elements on your website, improving user experience and navigation.

Site Guides:
Characters can be used as guides to illustrate points or features on your website, enhancing usability and engagement.

Gag Cartoons:
Regularly updated joke cartoons, such as daily, weekly, or monthly features, can entertain and engage visitors, encouraging return visits.

Eye-catching banners can promote your website or products on other websites, increasing visibility and driving traffic.


With my expertise in web cartooning, I can help you leverage this engaging medium to enhance your online presence and effectively communicate your message to your audience.

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