Whatever your creative requirements, let whatever be the solution.

Based in Nottingham, UK, I specialize in graphic design, illustration,

and cartooning, serving the East Midlands and beyond.

About Me

Creating graphics and cartoons for more than three decades.

My Services

From graphic and web design to illustrations, cartoons, and character designs.

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Get in touch with Whatever Graphics for inquiries about utilizing my services.

My Services

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  • Graphic Design

    When creating a company's image, simplicity and conciseness are key; flashy distractions are unnecessary. This guides my graphics with simplicity and functionality.

  • Graphical Guides

    My graphical guides serve a wide range of purposes, from illustrating installation processes and product benefits to detailing recipes and step-by-step instructions.

  • Web Design

    I design websites ranging from simple one-page layouts to comprehensive WordPress ecommerce platforms.

  • Cartoons

    When I mention cartoons, I'm talking about amusing images meant to elicit a smile or convey a joke (gag cartoons), as opposed to illustrations serving informative purposes.

  • Illustrations

    While cartoons aim to amuse, illustrations are crafted to be relevant and depict the content they accompany.

  • Calendar Series

    Showcase your brand year-round with a personalized calendar.

Over the past three decades, I’ve honed my craft in graphic design, illustration, and cartooning, delving into an expansive array of subjects. From tackling the complexities of environmental issues to the intricacies of picture framing, from navigating the intricacies of health and safety to crafting engaging learning materials, my portfolio spans a diverse spectrum.


My journey in the creative realm has been marked by a dedication to delivering impactful visuals that resonate with audiences across various sectors. Whether collaborating with councils on community initiatives or national companies to elevate their brand identity, I’ve consistently strived to marry creativity with functionality.


My expertise extends beyond mere aesthetics; it’s about conveying complex ideas in a visually compelling manner, ensuring clarity and resonance. This commitment to effective communication has seen my work grace the pages of magazines and newspapers, where my cartoons have provided insightful commentary and brought fun to readers’ lives.


With each project, I bring creative skills and a deep understanding of the nuances of different industries and subjects. This blend of experience, versatility, and passion has allowed me to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of visual communication for over three decades.

Whatever your creative requirements, let whatever be the solution